Questions & Answers


Are the ski pass and the equipment included if we book lessons?

NO. You need to buy the ski pass separately. Children need a ski pass from 6 years on. Here’s the link to the cost:

The equipment you can rent in the shops nearby:

Do beginners also need a skipass?

Yes. Everybody needs a ski pass to use the lifts. Children up to 6 years are free.

Is it possible that our children can ski together in the same group?

Groups are put together according to the level of skills and the age of the children. If your children and their friends have the same level of skills, you can request that they are put together in the same group and we will do our best to make this possible. If the children have different skill levels, the better skier would need to join the weaker group.

Children skiing lessons: Do we need to book the whole week with 5/6 days or is it also possible to take less?

As our schedule for children groups is organised for one week (including competition etc.) we would suggest you to book the whole course of 5 or 6 days. But, of course – it´s also possible to take part for fewer days.

Is there a price difference if you book 3 days of lessons first and make a prolongation afterwards?

YES! It´s cheaper if you book the whole week at once. The difference between 3 and 5 days is not that much. If you extend after 3 days of lessons there are special rates:
1 day extension = Euro 35,-

Is there enough time for the parents to bring their children to the course before starting their own lessons?

Yes, our meeting point for children is nearby the meeting point of adults.
You can bring your children at 10 a.m. - We will take care of them till they get picked up by you again..

How does the classification work?

The testing of the skill level takes part on the first day of lessons – the children have to ski down an easy slope. If the classification into the groups doesn’t fit your requirements you have got the possibility to discuss that on-site with the head of the ski school (info point mountain).

Do we get our money back if the children don´t like the lessons?

You only get money back if you have a medical certificate from a local doctor in case of injury or illness. To reduce your risk we offer a „testing day“.
In case that it doesn’t work against all expectations, we can change your booking to another course (e.g. from group lesson to private lesson; perhaps it requires an additional charge; you will only be charged for the days which were used)

Do you have a ski rental or a rental partner?

We don´t have a ski rental but there are numerous sport shops next to our office.
Here you can find an overview of all shops:

Is it possible to start with the lessons at any day during the week?

Lessons for adult beginners start on Sundays and Mondays.
Lessons for children beginners start on Sundays and Mondays. You can probably also join the lesson during the week, please ask for advice.
Children advanced skiers can start daily from Sundays on.
There are no group lessons on Saturdays.

How long in advance do we have to book a private instructor?

The earlier the better! We kindly ask you to book a private instructor at least one day in advance. It’s a lot easier for us to arrange the instructors one day ahead.
Of course you can also book short-term private lessons in our office depending on the availability.

Is it also possible to book lunch supervision for single days?

Yes, we kindly ask you to book lunch supervision in our office no later than 9:30 a.m.

At what age can children start with skiing lessons?

From 3 years on. The ‘Zwergerl Skikurs’ is a mix of skiing and playing in the snow – it´s perfectly adjusted to their needs! (3 & 4 years)
For a snowboarding lesson we recommend an age of 8 years – for younger children snowboarding lessons are only possible with a private instructor.

What´s the difference between a testing day and the normal course?

The difference is that the testing day allows your child to find out whether he/she likes it, or doesn’t want to continue with the lesson. The testing day will be credited if you extend the lessons.

Are there Dutch speaking ski instructors?

We do have Dutch speaking instructors. – They primarily work in our children’s area.

Is there a need to book group lessons in advance?

We would suggest you to pre-book the group lessons via our online shop. You save time and get a guaranteed spot in the ski school. Of course you can also book the lessons directly in our office on-site.

Do the lesson days have to be taken one after another?

You should take part one day after the other because the groups go on with their schedule and learn new things every day. A break in between could lead to a change of the group. Please talk to your ski instructor.

Is it also possible to take part at a group lessons for just one day?

The training schedule of a group lesson is organised for one week. Especially for beginners we would suggest to take part at least for 3 days so that they are able to get to know the basics of skiing.
If you are an advanced skier and you want to refresh your skills we would advise you to take a private lesson for a fast improvement.

Is lunchtime supervision included in the lesson?

Lunchtime supervision is not included and costs € 13,- per child a day. This includes a meal with a drink.

Is it obligatory to wear a helmet?

Children up to 15 years have to wear a legally approved winter sports-helmet while skiing.

Do you also offer baby care?

We also offer baby care on request.